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Personal Data Privacy & Copyright Policies

Version: 202210r4.8vP9e

This Privacy Policy applies to all customers, users and visitors who are using O-Dynamic Visual Studio("O-DYNAMIC")'s digital solutions (web-based interactive, 360 technologies, data management systems, etc) on their online or offline events. It also covers the event owner, co-organizers, event sponsors, attendees, speakers and exhibitors in respective event.

Security is our top consideration in our online solutions. Data security involves deploying tools and technologies that enhance the owner’s visibility into where its critical data resides and how it is used. O-DYNAMIC always apply protections like encryption, data masking, and redaction of sensitive files, and should automate reporting to streamline audits and adhering to regulatory requirements.

The below statements give information about your personal data held in O-Dynamic database and associated programs & systems.

Collection of Data and its Purpose

O-DYNAMIC holds (and will hold in the future) by lawful and appropriate means via

  • Information that you choose to provide to O-DYNAMIC, through its services or websites or otherwise

  • Information gathered from O-DYNAMIC’s own systems about your use of O-DYNAMIC websites or related developing websites and about O-DYNAMIC’s interactions with you. This includes information gathered through cookies and other similar tools.

The information O-DYNAMIC made which are in compliance with and in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Law of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance”)

You agree and understand that any and all of the Data you provided to O-DYNAMIC will be collected and used for the purposes as follows:

  • Providing services

  • Business communications

  • Program development

  • Or any solutions required by O-DYNAMIC customers


You understand and acknowledge that personal information by you is voluntary, but without your information, we may not be able to provide the related services to you and the program owner. When you use our developed Websites, Applications and or participate in our business activities or alike channels you may have to provide to O-DYNAMIC your personal data including but not limited to your name, contact details and email address (collectively the “Data”).

If you choose to give information beyond that which O-DYNAMIC requires you/program owner to provide, the basis for processing that information is your consent as demonstrated by your voluntarily providing it. You have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. You can do this by writing emails to O-DYNAMIC at

Security of Data

O-DYNAMIC will take necessary and appropriate steps such as protection from destruction, leakage, and modification, etc. to ensure the security of personal information in handling the personal information.

As part of its processing, O-DYNAMIC will perform some automated profiling and decision-making based on the information it holds about you in order to make information presented to you more relevant to your interests.

If, in the future, O-DYNAMIC wishes to process your data for some other purpose it will first provide you with information about that other purpose.

Where you have given your consent to this, O-DYNAMIC will also use your personal data for the purpose of specific electronic marketing communications (normally by e-mail) and technology development to you which may include:

  • conducting surveys and asking your opinion on our products and services

  • notifying you of products/solutions or offers that may be of interest to you

  • notifying you of promotions such as free gifts, contests and prize draws

  • marketing analysis and customer profiling

  • invitations to events, either online or offline activities

  • program content which is requested and provided by the program owner


The legal basis for this is your specific consent. You may withdraw your consent to this additional purpose (independently of your right to object to O-DYNAMIC processing data for the general purposes described above) at any time by writing to O-DYNAMIC.

O-DYNAMIC will hold your personal data for a period of 2 years after the last contact from you. After that time some information may be held but only in an anonymised form or as part of archived records.


O-DYNAMIC uses third parties to perform some processing activities or program development on its behalf. None of your personal data will be disclosed to them, unless O-DYNAMIC has got the consent from you.

As a “data subject” you have statutory rights to request from O-DYNAMIC access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning yourself or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Copyright & Cookies

Cookies are data files that are placed on a device when it is used to visit a website. These cookies may be used for many purposes, including tracking user preferences and web pages visited while using the Service. You may disable cookies using your browser's preferences. However, some features of O-DYNAMIC’s websites may not function properly or may operate slowly if you disable the cookies. In addition, please be aware that if you choose to block cookies, some advertising preferences that are dependent on cookies may not be able to be respected.

In addition, analytics tools such as Google Inc.'s Google Analytics are used to collect and analyse usage history etc. These use First Party Cookies to record information about your access. Please refer to Google Inc.'s privacy policy for the privacy policy of Google Analytics used by this service:

All software developed by O-DYNAMIC are copyright protected and thereby bear a clear, standardized copyright notice along with a disclaimer notice. This copyright and disclaimer notice protects the software developer(s) and O-DYNAMIC from any liability that might result, however remote, from the use of the software developed under O-DYNAMIC identity. Accordingly, the use of this notice is especially applicable to software made available for use beyond O-DYNAMIC, and includes software distributed as "freeware" and unauthorized usage via either computer networks or any other means of communications.

For software distributed with source code, the copyright and disclaimer notice should be imbedded within each file. For software distributed on physical media (e.g. CD ROM), the copyright and disclaimer notice should be printed on an external label (as well as in any source code). For software binary code distributed over a network, the copyright notice should be embedded in a "readme.txt" file that is sent along with the software. If practicable, the copyright notice should appear on an opening binary code display.

If you and your organisation have any questions about the above statements, please contact O-DYNAMIC at below contact:

O-Dynamic Visual Studio Co. Ltd.


phone: (852) 3598 3660


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