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Duties We Loved

A chemical reaction rearranges the constituent atoms of the reactants to create different substances as products.

Knowledge is the Medium. Skill is the Atoms. Idea is the Reactant.

We has a professional team of Creators, Content Developers, Visual Professionals, and Skilful Programmers.

O! Services: Project

Event Solutions

Online Interactives


360 & Visual Technologies

No matter it is an actual or online event promotion activities. Our profession teams will use different web-based solutions to make your event activities more efficiency, more effective, more valuable data from attendees.

Technologies included:

- Traceable & Dynamic QR code system -

- Online & On-site Registration System -

- Responsive Webpage Development -

- Progressive WebApp (PWA) -

- Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) - 

and more

Digital activates Events with Results

Hybrid gives another event Dimension

Our innovative programming team and creative team always provide another dimension to make virtual or online events with more content interactives.  Not only create a visual interactive platform, but elements extend audience experience.

Technologies included:

- Virtual Conference Platform -

- Virtual Exhibition Platform -

- Webinar Service -

- Content Database System -

and more

New Dimension of Visualization

Visualization is kept changing from Two Dimension to Three Dimension by 360 technology.  It is not only the tools to view in 360, but by our knowledge & techniques, it becomes a new facility to view, to imagine, to communication and to interactive.

Technologies included:

- 360 video shooting -

- 360 Virtual Tour -

- 360 Virtual Exhibition/Event Creation -

- 360 x Virtual Reality Interaction -

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