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O-Dynamic Digital Solutions

Our innovative content and program members always bring a different dimension of interactive platform to every customer in fast speed, user friendly, app-less direction with high interactive. Our technology is define from user need and expectation to Value & Execution. 


A complete & user-friendly registration solution for our customers. Our system provide a Fast, reliable, and secure system from invitation, online registration, delegate management, on-site guest check-in, instant badge printing to even seating planning in the system.



Once your print items have been distributed, there’s usually no turning back. With Dynamic QR Codes, you still can make changes. These types of Codes allow you to update their content on the go and see how this impacts your campaign success. Traceable function allows you to collect more data for strategy & planning.



Interactive 360 virtual tour is not only a walk-through tour program, but able to insert different contents, including texts, images, videos or specific web links or information, into a complete tour program. With the aids of different editing effects, multiple virtual elements can be also added into the tour environment to become an informative tour experience for visitors.


Webinar Technology

A good webinar is a form of one-to-many communication with strong audience interaction. Detail flow planning, web technical skills and equipment management are very important.

Online Data System

Data management techniques for integrating World Wide Web (web) publishing with data entry, logic flow and storage systems are important in furthering innovative and powerful insights in event and business planning and evaluation.



Progressive Web Apps are web applications based on standard web technologies with the addition of the newest java script features. With such a combination, it is possible to create ultra-fast web pages. Utilising service workers scripts, which provide a scriptable network proxy in the web browser, which manages the web requests programmatically and hence no native app need to be installed.



WebAR is a new emerging area of web development that uses our mobile devices to provide an augmented reality experience, without any app installation. A simple QR code can product 3D or promotion message or even interactive activities in AR environment.



Virtual Reality Technology can allow audience to experience the own create environment with interactive.  O-Dynamic is not only provide this VR technology but we can also put the 360 photo or video scene in the VR platform to allow visitor to interact with content in the real scene.


Virtual Platform Tech

No matter what kinds of activities such as Exhibition, Conference or event Live Events, there is an option to make it live on a specific online platform. O-Dynamic's strong programming team keeps providing a customised and user-friendly virtual event platform to fulfil the needs and expectations.


* For more technical details for the above solutions, please contact our staff at

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