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Virtual platform creates a different dimensions to audience not only to read and see contents, but an environment to create INTERACTIONS and CONNECTIONS.  For organisers, it is also a path to understand your audience in different angles through our data analysis.


Specialized to choose O-Dynamic Virtual Platform

  • Customization platform on user needs & objectives

  • Combination with different web-based functionalities for specialized outcomes.

  • Own programming team, UI/UX developer & hosting platforms

  • Advanced technologies on video streaming/media CDN/backend systems

  • Event knowledge on user experiences, site management & backend management from bandwidth to load analysis 


Some Examples on Platform Content

Content customization for the organizer and user needs.

Virtual 360 Platform

There is another type of platform that can provide a 360 Experience for audience experiencing the event or activity in a dynamic and 360 virtual platform experience.  It is different with platform with a lot of documentary information content but a dynamic and live experience.

360 Virtual Platform

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